August 15, 2017
As I work in south Texas in live performance, I’m also writing the music for several albums which I’ll record over the next 18 months with musicians in Houston and New Orleans. Perhaps you might be interested in knowing about these projects, which include:
A new set of contemporary lyric song, issued as what we used to call a concept album. Voices, steel-string guitar, bass, keys, some percussion, minimal electronics, not jazz-related, not folksy, not indie, not loud. A leap, in my mind, past Fire and Fall Back, which I’d do differently, knowing what I know now. All the songs I intend to use in the new album have been written (12, at last count) and I’m working to chart them.
Tony LaVorgna and I plan to record a series original numbers early next year, many of which will be showtune-like, setting my lyrics to Tony’s music, in the style of the 1950s, but not quite in imitation. Rather, the style refreshed anew. It can be done. Believe me, it ain’t over for that music.
I’m also looking to get some of this music staged with movement and variety performers, several of which I’ve spoken with. I hope to be able to swing a show at some point next year with Houston performers from a variety of disciplines.
That’s all from Cape Kaye-naveral for now. Over and out!
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