Nashville Classics


Richie Kaye, Whinin' and Complainin'


The love songs of country music are, more often than not, not about loving, but about the heartache of loving: love’s longings, love unrequited, love lost, love that’s over, love gone bad. “Rarely do we hear the country equivalent of You are the Sunshine of My Life. “Love me, please!” is heard in equal measure to “She done me wrong” and “You ain’t worth it.” That’s why this recording, Whinin’ & Complainin’: Classic Nashville Out-of-Love Songs is offered as a concept album and fittingly so – and it’s very 1967-sounding, which is about the time most of these songs were written.

The Nashville songwriters represented in this album were craftsmen who hewed out a chunk of life and worked it into a hand-tooled 3 minute number, each with a memorable hook to attract the ear and cause strong men to commiserate. Richie Kaye selected these 10 songs to record after listening to literally 1000s of (mostly) forgotten country classics. Richie thinks they’re all little diamonds of songwriting which you’ll enjoy hearing, refreshed after 50 years of resting and waiting to be appreciated, like a fine old whiskey.



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