Thomas Fraser and Singing the Music of Another World

April 8, 2018

Some ask me how I can sing in Mandarin. Well, it just comes through me. I recently discovered another example (of a singer delivering something meaningful far from his instant venue). Yes, there is no linguistic disparity. English was his mother tongue, but not American English.

Thomas Fraser (1927-1978) was a fisherman in the Shetland Islands. Over many years, he recorded American country and folk music on his own tape recorder. His grandson discovered the tapes decades later. And what we hear is, well, this is the meaning and the intention of the original in the place it originated — not the Shetlands! Even his guitar playing is thoroughly “right.” Compare this to any Jimmie Rodgers from the 1930s.

“Genuine, authentic?” This is so much pish-tosh. No, it does not matter through whom it comes, or when, just that what it is, that it actually is, is expressed. And anyone might be able to do it.

Click for sample HERE.

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