A New Steel String Acoustic Guitar — I’m Now Playing a Bedell Prototype

June 17, 2017
Friends, let me introduce you to a new love of mine, but I’ll only show you her back for now. Here is the cocobolo back of my new steel 6-string dreadnought. The shop at Bedell Guitars in Bend, Oregon made this fine and subtle instrument as a prototype for its upcoming series.
It called to me as if from angels on high at the Dallas International Guitar Festival. Sean Morrissey of Bedell and J.D. Walker of Guitar Maverick in Keller, TX walked out of the noisy hall with me to where I could really hear it and realized I’d discovered yet another voice.  (The image above comes from the Bedell website and I hope the company doesn’t mind my using it — much better a picture than I could take myself.  I don’t have a good picture of the front to share with you yet.)
The boys at Bedell call it the Revolution and I call it the Genius. It is just extraordinary. Played it out for the first time last night on a job. It rang beautifully through a K&K Sound Systems Meridian clamp-on mic/pre and into a tiny Fishman LoudBox Mini. A very new kind of a sound for me.   
Hear the Bedell under my voice in this link:
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