Richie’s New Solo Show — Variety and More Variety

June 25, 2016

My new solo show is just archtop guitar and voice. It’s not loud, so guests at a party can chat without distraction or, if they choose, sit and listen. No fuzzwah, no flanger, no roto-vibe, no echobox. Nothing avant garde, nothing crude, nothing in your face.

Just American melodies you know and love, but probably have never heard before! Ballads, up tempo, Latins, old vaudeville numbers, 50s showtunes, honky tonk, gypsy, scat, classic country, light rock and the occasional obscure song that should have made it big. A lot of variety for your party or event.

And when your budget allows it, additional instruments fill out the sound: piano, upright bass, clarinet, saxophone. Let me know how I may serve you!

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