New Songs This Week

September 12, 2017
New songs I’m adding to the repetoire this week:
You Go to My Head (Keely Smith) – not really new to me, I’ve just not played it in maybe a decade.
Bluebird (Helen Reddy) — really need that rhythm section, but I’ll put as much as I can of the groove into the right hand. The drum/bass combo on this track (written by Leon Russell) sounds to me like the rhythm section on Sign in Stranger (Steely Dan), which was Purdie/Rainey. Same era, sounds like same studio. But I’ve found no credits for the album online.
Holding Her Freedom (Gabe Dixon) — no piano, but I think it can be done.
The Joker (Tony Newley)
Oh, You Great Big Beautiful Doll (Rosie Clooney, Judy, Jolson, everyone)
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