New Richie Kaye Recordings in 2018

February 16, 2018

Next week, I’ll be at Wire Road Studios to record a few gemstones. These are 60s Nashville back-catalog classics that are rarely if ever recorded any longer. Some made the top 100 or even better, but a few of them were recorded once, maybe twice and then were forgotten. But they’re still real fine numbers that audiences I play today enjoy hearing. I’ll issue this as an EP with artwork before summer comes. Name still up in the air.

I’ve gotten to the point now where I have enough new original material I think is ready for the next album. The next few months I’ll be arranging, to begin recording mid-summer, partly in Houston, but also in New Orleans with both Houston and NOLA talent. I’ve a title for this work already and artwork in mind. It’s to be a vocal album with acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, organ, bass, strings and reeds. A bit complex, looking at a release date may be the end of 2018.

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