My Most Memorable Tips

July 26, 2017
I’m grateful to each and every member of the audience, but here are the tips that have been the most memorable.
— A little girl from Poland who threw all her pocket change into my guitar case (in zlotys!)
— $20 and the purchase of 2 CDs from a French couple after I had the temerity to sing La Mer IN FRENCH to them
— A beggar in the Times Square shuttle who danced uproariously for 15 minutes (no, he was not part of the act) and then, gave me two $2.00 bills
— The produce company lady who asked me to sing “What a Wonderful World” and then gave me a huge plate of sweet fruit and veg to take home
— The man who sat not 10 feet from me didn’t look at me once in his entire hour dinner (it was BBQ, don’t worry, I understand), getting up, dropping in a 20 and saying, “That was just great.”
— The Yakuza who kept me in whiskey and cognac every time I sang in his club in Osaka.
So, you see, all the delightful surprises one comes across in this profession.
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