More Songs Added to the Repetoire and Thoughts on Don’t Sleep in the Subway

December 20, 2017
More songs added to the solo repetoire:
For the Good Times – Ray Price
Help Me Make It Through the Night – Anne Murray  (I’ll probably use two verses and the bridge twice in a medley)
The Girl on the Billboard – Del Reeves
I’d love to adapt Petula Clark’s Don’t Sleep in the Subway for solo guitar and voice, but there is so much in the original recording with full orchestra, like that classic electric bass in the bridge and the natural reverb of the studio in which it was recorded. The only way to crack the nut, I think, is to take it in another direction and make it about the lyrics, rather than the whole musical experience. Must think on this one.
Never heard it before? You’ll love it! Just adore the spirit in which it’s delivered.
(My gosh, I just discovered the GREAT Tony Hatch wrote and scored this song. He’s my English Don Sebesky. Everywhere!)
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