Girl Singers on My Next Album of Originals

September 2, 2017
You know what I miss? The girl singers in the background, as in this 1976 track, especially after 2:07. It adds real bigness like nothing else I know. I’ll try to have at least a trio in the background on my next album of originals on a few of the tracks.
Not sure where I’ll find them in Houston just as yet. But I’m sure with all the singing in the churches, they’re here. Just recently at a gig, two ladies about my age, who’d been watching intently the whole night, stepped forward in the last half-hour, sat on the stage and said, “WE’RE SINGIN’ WITH YOU!”
I said, “Well, come on up!” and wouldn’t you know, but they both latched on to their harmony parts immediately and they sounded fantastic. I thought, holy mackerel, these gals had been studio singers! But no, they’d just sang in church all their lives. I’m on the lookout for girl singers in Houston!
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